Do you feel like you’ve become more like roommates rather than lovers?

Do you yearn for more closeness and intimacy?

Do you blame or resent your partner for not fulfilling your needs?

Are you discouraged by recurring arguments?

Have you experienced divorce in your past and desire to not repeat some of the same unhealthy patterns in your new relationship?

If you have been hurt by your partner’s infidelity, are you unsure if, and how, the two of you can reconcile your feelings and reconnect?

Are you facing a new stressful life event together such as illness, job loss or change, child with special needs, miscarriage, affair, death or loss, military deployment or re-integration?

Both married and non-married couples struggle with these issues. At some juncture in relationships, even the most committed couples are faced with unexpected challenges and relationship roadblocks. Some couples may not know how they even got there. Seeking guidance in an accepting environment through professional couples and marriage counseling will give you access to resources, insights, and tools to transform yourself and your relationship.

I work with couples in all stages of relationship from dating and pre-marital to married couples in the later stage of life. By utilizing several different approaches including Imago Relationship Therapy, I guide couples through identifying their strengths and areas that need attention. From our session time to the homework, the goal is to provide couples with relevant tools that elicit insights and enhance every day communication and connection with one another.